Monday’s a B*tch

What was the worst…

  1. Date you’ve ever been on? Senior year of high school I went on a date with this guy (Daryl, and yes it was always joked, “and his other brother Darrell” by my youth pastor and the youth group guys). It was our first date, and I was really excited about it because I’d been crushing on him for a while but he was really shy. So anyways, he picked me up and we went to a movie (James Bond: Goldeneye, which had way too much sexual content for my comfort) and then for ice cream and then back to my house, where we sat on the living room couch (no TV in there) and talked (boringly). I suppose it doesn’t sound that bad, but he just wouldn’t go home and wouldn’t get the hint. By this time it’d been seven hours long, and I mentioned something about him being late for his curfew and he didn’t care and it was all just… too much. No kiss good night, no second date (though he did call me four months later, after I’d been basically ignoring his existence, and ask me to prom, and I turned him down to go with girlfriends, and then he said, “well, let me know if you change your mind,” which just sealed his fate with me, because that kind of… neediness or loserness or whatever you want to call it when someone doesn’t get it after you keep rejecting them… is really unattractive and unacceptable in my book).
  2. Embarrassing high school moment? Early freshman year I tripped up a flight of stairs on my way to French class and there were some juniors and seniors nearby. They might have laughed (I don’t remember). That’s not the most embarrassing thing that happened to me between 1992 and 1996, but it’s the only one I can think of that happened at high school.
  3. Party you’ve ever been to? I don’t really go to parties because I don’t like them, so without sounding too rude, most of them would fit in the category of “worst party.” I only like the ones I throw (because then I know everyone that’s invited and feel completely comfortable in my surroundings).
  4. Lie you ever told? The one I can think of (because I lied to my parents a ton in junior and senior high, and I just can’t remember it all) is the summer after freshman year of college when I dated this older guy and didn’t tell my parents specifically because I knew they wouldn’t let me but he had the same name as a friend of mine so I just sort of implied I was going out with him instead.
  5. Vacation you ever went on? I’m going to throw out there the camping trip that Amanda and I went on this fall, with the rain storm and soaked tent/sleeping bag and sleeping in the car and losing the car keys and generally lots of not-fun-things. I want a re-do.