Friday Fun

  1. Do you think it is possible to find true friends on the internet? I’ve never actually made friends via the internet. I’ve met a few guys to date, but only through dating sites. (At least one of those worked out pretty well, seeing as how he’s cooking dinner for me tonight.)
  2. Do you still have the same friends that you had in your school days? Absolutely not. I have one friend left from high school, and we talk maybe every six months. I’m still in touch with several of my college friends, but most of them are married with kids and live in Illinois, so I don’t see them very often and we have less in common as time goes on. That’s sad to me, but a fact of life nonetheless. My oldest and dearest friend (not in age) is , and we’ve been friends since junior year of high school, but even we’ve not kept in contact as much as we’d like to (but we do more than email, which is more than I can say for a lot of my other long-distance friends). She got married last summer, so getting together has been harder, but hopefully she’ll be in town for Christmas (our respective hometowns, that is) and I can get together with her for coffee. I should go email her.
  3. Do you have close friends of the opposite sex as well? I have, on many occasions, had guys I’d consider my best friend at the time, but most of those relationships have gone down in flames (due to my apparently irresistible charm). The ones that didn’t end disastrously just faded out, and now I don’t have any guys I’d consider “just friends,” and that’s been true basically since college, or at least since Arizona, which is why I used to get so flustered when just trying to have a conversation with one, being completely out of practice.
  4. What are the 5 qualities you find most attractive in a friend? Loyalty, trustworthiness, openness, comfortability, and compassion. (And yes, I would describe and that way, and probably throw in a few more fantastic descriptors as well, seeing as how they’re wonderful and all.)