3x Thursday

  1. Is money important to you? Why/why not? Define important. Like, I need it so I can pay rent and buy groceries and nail polish. But I clearly don’t care about it all that much (or else perhaps I’d keep some of it around) – if I did, my career goal(s) would have been verrrrrry different (ministry isn’t exactly the place to make piles of cash, as evidenced by first real paying job in ministry, where for working 18 hours a day 6 days a week I earned a whopping $75 a week).
  2. Dollar amounts aren’t necessary, but would you say you make a lot of money? We could always use more, but do you need a lot more, or just a little? It’s all relative. For doing what’s basically clerical work, I definitely make more than I would temping, and more than I would at any other entry-level clerical position. And I make roughly the same as my friends. As far as needing more… I really don’t *need* more so much as just need to learn to spend what I’ve got better. Silly Kelly.
  3. Do you have a retirement plan? As a State employee, we’ve got a nice setup. If I make what I do now until I retire at 67 (or 112 like the rest of my generation because there really won’t be Social Security and none of us are really planning for retirement), I’ll get a whopping $700 a month. Considering it’ll be… 2045, with the current rate of inflation I’ll be broke within a month. Of course, if I make exactly what I do now when I’m 67, I think there’ll be other reasons to cry as well.

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