Didn’t mean to forget to mention volunteering yesterday. It went well. The program is neat (though I’m not sure I fully understand everything that’s going on or its purpose, but I don’t really need to for a 3-week stint). My only complaint was that the kids kinda all talked over each other and there was less discipline than I would have liked, but then again I pretty much run a tighter ship when I’m in charge. (The kids at my last Church complained when I wouldn’t let them say “shut up” anymore – oh, the injustice of it all!) Saturday will be interesting, because that’s when we’ll actually turn the computers on and get to work. Yesterday was basically introducing the project, writing down ideas, and getting to know you stuff. I’ve got to find out from Liz if there’s a better way to get out of the building after close (than the way I took). At any rate, this opportunity has at the very least scratched that itch of mine to “do something.”

One last “poop” for the day (would you prefer I didn’t use that word? I could use my standard “crap,” but every once in a while, a girl needs variety, don’tcha know) – the clerical who answers phones is going to be out again tomorrow morning, which means I get to do it. This is not what I signed on for. I don’t wanna wake up early to be in and answer phones at 8. Wah. I know, I know, whiny butt that I am.

To stop at Cub, or not to stop at Cub. That is the question. (Hmm, methinks it might be a bit too cold for me to want to do that. Regardless of how much egg nog is calling out to me. Everything but that and the Breathe Right strips I can get at the co-op, and there’s no waiting at the bus stop there. Yes, I am that dork with the Breathe Right strips and the humidifier running next to the bed. That’s a cute picture, huh? Otherwise I get all stuffy-nosed in the winter, and that’s no fun. Is it nap time yet? This is quite the long parenthetical remark.)

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  1. Now I’m curious about what way you took out of the building. Don’t go out the education entrance. You just have to walk up a big hill.

    PS – Totally enjoyed parking my car near your house, although it did involve the bus stop sprint a little bit…

    Have fun,

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