Tuesday Twosome

  1. Would you die for your best friend? Would you die for a loved one? I think so, but we can’t actually be sure until we’re in the moment.
  2. What personality traits are you proud to possess? What personality traits are you ashamed that you possess? I have the bad habit of thinking about myself more than others. I am super-shy in unfamiliar social situations, to the extent that people think I’m a b*tch, which is really too bad, because they should wait to get to know me before deciding that. I am a patient person, though that is a trait I have had to learn over the years. I wish I wasn’t as high-maintenance as I am (I blame the hair). I’ve learned to hold my tongue and keep my temper in check, and I’m quite proud of that. I hope people would notice that I’m compassionate and loving and … not accepting of everything but tolerant nonetheless. And fairly open-minded.
  3. Would you rather have a mansion or a house? Would you give up your heart or your soul? Just a tiny little bungalow, thank you very much, where the upstairs is only the master bedroom and bath, and downstairs is everything else, and it fits just perfectly on one of those tiny lots in the city where there’s just enough space between houses that if yours was any bigger they’d be too close but they’re not. As far as the second part goes, to what/who am I giving up my heart or soul? If we’re talking about giving it up to a person, I’d give my heart as readily as possible (hey, I’m working on breaking down those walls and getting rid of baggage, but it’s not exactly an overnight process). I’d only give my soul to Jesus, though. So I guess “heart” it is.
  4. What are your two favorite flavors of ice cream? If you invented the next two ice cream flavors, what would you call it? Vanilla Bean (with the little brown flecks in it that make it look “authentic,” even though they’re probably fake), and at the moment Chubby Hubby (ooh, do I have some of that at home? I’ve got to check the freezer, because I think I do….). I have no idea what ice cream flavors I’d invent or what I’d call them. Something with animal crackers would be fun though, and the word “zoo” could be in the name.
  5. Would you ever want to walk on water? Would you ever want to walk through fire? I think that in a tropical locale where the water is that lovely shade of turquoise and you can see the white sand under the water, it would be cool to be able to walk on water. However, if we’re talking about Lake Superior and it’s dark black waters that scare the crap outta me, no thank you. And, at least metaphorically, I have walked through fire. Real fire? Eh, it might be cool, but I bet it’d be a let-down. I mean, what do you gain by walking through fire? At least walking on water you’d see some cool stuff.