Monday’s A B*tch

Random Joy

  1. What song(s) would you like played at your funeral? I’m hoping that my funeral is far enough in the future that any song I picked out today would seem ridiculously out of date. But, if I get hit by a bus today on the way home from work… maybe “I Will Remember You” by Sarah McLachlan, and “Spoken For” by MercyMe.
  2. Do you ever give nicknames to inanimate objects? oh dear, yes. Cars have often been named, and lots of inanimate objects have, at the very least, genders. also, while they’re not inanimate, my cats have middle names (though they don’t technically have last names), just so that when they’re being really bad, I can use their “full name,” or just the middle one, because “Romeo” sounds much too sweet, but “Joseph!” can really be belted out (likewise for “Matea” versus “Louise”).
  3. Why are women so catty? I think that (to play the blame game) society has set us up to always be in competition with each other. Who’s prettier, who dresses better, who has a better job or boyfriend or house, etc. I’ve always said groups of 3 women are the worst, because usually it’s 2 against 1 and someone’s always left out, because that’s just what happens. Conveniently, this hasn’t happened with , and I, but I think we’ve also worked to not let that happen. As far as cattiness goes, I blame women’s magazines.
  4. Would you prefer to work hard and earn a million dollars that you could be proud of, or inherit it? Eh, I really have no need for a million dollars. Enough to pay off my student loans would be nice though. And I could really care less where it came from (if, for instance, my grandma gave me a lottery ticket for Christmas and I won, that’d be OK by me). I know a lot of people would place more value in the earned money, and I understand why, but I just don’t feel that way about money. About other things, yes (like education, friendship, trust, respect, etc).
  5. Do you consider you life more important than that of a hobo? I don’t consciously and intentionally consider my life more important than anyone’s (except when I remember that the world really does revolve around ME – just kidding!). To quote , “all life has value.” And while I don’t apply that to, say, spiders and raccoons, I do believe in the inherent value of humanity, that God created each and every person with a purpose and loves each of His creation equally and more than we will ever comprehend. And it’s my job to attempt to see people that same way (I am, by the way, very, very bad at this).