Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend with friends and family. I had to work really hard to come up with a list of things I’m thankful for – not because there aren’t plenty of things to go on the list, because they are, but generally I forget about them or am really bad about acknowledging them. So here’s my list of what I’m thankful for:

  • Wonderful goodbyes – to kids and adults at who were so generous with their love and good wishes for my future; to a career path that no longer made me happy; to not having a spare moment spent thinking I should be doing something else; to the cute Mercury Topaz I borrowed for the school year (and it’s “Have A Liking For A Viking” bumper sticker); to co-workers during our reorganization (both those who annoyed me and I was happy to say adios to and to those who will be missed)
  • New parts of my journey – new career path (though delayed); new friends; having spare time to lounge about (and not feel guilty); learning new skills
  • Transformations – my relationship with ; promotion at work; life outside of church; life without a car; not being the single one
  • People – all of my wonderful friends, for whom I am entirely grateful for your friendship and love, for all the advice and compassion and laughs we share, for all the memories good and bad — I hope you all know exactly how much I love and treasure each of you
  • More people stuff – that has had another healthy year; finally got a job (and kept it); that my grandpa wasn’t in the hospital at all this year; all the people I know going through chemo etc and all the strength they’ve shown; my cats (they are too people – just ask them!)
  • For the bend in the road up ahead (you just never know what’s actually going to happen next, and right now that’s an exciting thing)
  • No major life crises this year
  • For not having to move
  • For all the people who have challenged my views on life, my assumptions and stereotypes, and helped me remember that there really are good people out there (specifically, quality guys, who I was beginning to think had ceased to exist)
  • For the ways I have been able to watch others grow and change, and occasionally get to know that I had a part in it
  • Knowing that my next church is my choice, that it’s OK to take a break, and the wonderful feeling of longing I get sometimes to be part of that community again
  • For the positive attitude that has only increased this year (for a couple of good reasons), and how different life feels when seen in that light
  • For all the ways God has helped me to grow, heal, learn, become….
  • For the promise of tomorrow