Monday’s a B*tch: Back In Time

  1. What’s your earliest childhood memory? I’m posting a photo for this one. me daddy
  2. What was your favorite Saturday morning cartoon? I’m not sure. I remember fighting with over whether or not we had to watch Looney Toons (because I wasn’t a huge fan, and she was), and that we both agreed on the Smurfs and… perhaps Care Bears or something about a treehouse…?
  3. Did you ever have any themed lunch boxes, Pj’s, sleeping bags or other childhood items? Were you ever made fun of for your choice of theme? I had a Crayola sleeping bag. I know that my lunchbox was blue, but can’t remember what was on it. We didn’t get a lot of stuff like that, though.
  4. Looking back, which fads were your favorites and which ones make you hang your head in shame? Four words: M C Hammer pants (aka Harem Pants). made me a pair in a teal-and-purple paisley. That could quite possibly be the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever admitted here. I was really just a huge dork. Other horrible fads: the side pony-tail, junior high bangs, blue eye shadow, pants that had such narrow ankles it took another person to pull them off my feet…. Can’t think of any favorite fads. That’s sad.
  5. What was your favorite kiddie cereal? Malt-O-Meal (which is why there’s a box in my cupboard at home).