How could I forget?

I forgot to mention that apparently yesterday was National Hit On Strange Women day. Who knew? I missed the memo. I also missed the one that said that heels and a skirt was an open invitation for men to talk to me. My mistake. And here I was just getting used to and comfortable with dressing up for work.

Leaving work via the escalator, this guy walked down to where I was, and said something to the effect of, “I couldn’t help but notice…” and then I missed the rest (and wasn’t about to ask him to repeat), but it involved looking up and down my legs. He was cute, but seriously. I just smiled, put my headphones back on, and walked away.

Then, while waiting for the bus, this old man (we’ll get to how old in a moment) decided that he wanted to talk to me. Now, I had to take my headphones out just to see what he said, which he saw and noted, but then he continued talking. At a certain point I just put them back in and continued conversing with him (because I couldn’t figure out how to make it stop). The conversation involved… not being originally from Minnesota, and unfortunately he’d grown up in Chicago as well, so he had to talk about that, but then he’s been here 30 years (and you’re probably not even that old, are you, to which I shook my head – this here should have been a sign to leave me alone, old man!). Then he wanted to know my sign (apparently we’re incompatible, because he’s got two brothers that are Cancers), and if I was married, and then started talking about how I was going to get snatched up (he was kinda rambling at this point and I was only half paying attention, what with me not caring and listening to my headphones and all) and I mentioned I had a boyfriend (another hint for him to go away, which he didn’t recognize). Perhaps this was the time when I should have just said, “I’m a lesbian,” and seen if that would have made it stop. I’ll have to suggest that to , who’s story is next. At last his bus came, which unfortunately was mine too. I hung back (but wasn’t going to wait for the next one because I’d already been waiting 15 minutes and my legs were cold! Upon getting onto the bus, he saw me walk by, yelled my name (presumably for me to sit next to him – um, no), to which I completely ignored his existence and hid in the back of the bus. He got off one stop before mine (which is scary enough).

was riding the same bus (though I wasn’t positive it was her when she got on), so when we both got off and walked home, she told me the story of how she just got hit on while riding the bus as well. This guy, as an opening line, asked what it would take to get her number, to which she replied she didn’t have a phone (and then, unfortunately, her brother called on her cell, at which point the guy said, you lied to me, and she said yep, but this didn’t deter him), and then she told him she doesn’t date and he responded that he wasn’t looking for a date. Because yes, that’s just what ever girl wants, sex with some random skeezy guy from the bus. Seriously? Where do these people come from?