Friday Fiver

  1. Favorite brand of jeans: Toss-up between Old Navy and New York & Company. I can always count on Old Navy for inexpensive pairs, but sometimes the styles are a little too… teenager-y. But then New York & Company had to go and have all sucky styles this season, so I can’t depend regularly on them either.
  2. Magazine you read regularly: Real Simple
  3. If a button came off your clothing, could you sew it back on? Um… yeah. And hem pants. And… well, make my own clothes if need be.
  4. Have you ever had a curfew? In high school my curfew was 10 on weeknights and 12 on weekends, though I almost never needed it (I can think of a handful of times when I was out until almost-curfew). Freshman year of college we had a curfew of midnight on weeknights and two on weekends – I know that sounds weird, but it really was a great thing, especially for certain boy-crazy roommates of mine who would never have gotten any homework done if they didn’t have to be back to sign-in at the dorm. Lots of people complained about it, but some people need structure, I think. Also, as long as your grades were good enough (or you didn’t get put on behavioral probation), you didn’t have a curfew second semester.
  5. Most dangerous thing you’ve done: Um… I’m not really the dangerous type. Can’t think of anything off the top of my head. Wait… I can be less-boring than that. OK, the summer after my freshman year of college I dated this guy who was 27 (I was 19), and didn’t let my parents know about it, and we’d met online so it could have been dangerous I suppose. But I met him in a public place and drove my own car and didn’t let him know where I lived, so I was relatively safe. My parents still don’t know, though. His name was conveniently the same as another one of my friends, so I would just say I was going out with X. It wasn’t technically lying. I suppose that could have been a dangerous thing, if he had turned out to be a wacko. Luckily for me, he wasn’t, had three sweet kids, and on a trip to Russia married a girl named Olga. Oh well.