Another FYI

Our washer was fixed yesterday, Praise The Lord! Actually, I came home, went out the back door and checked in the basement and it wasn’t, so I was marching back into our house angrily saying to , “I’m going to kill our landlords!” Of course, at that moment, the guy walked in the back door to fix it, probably just in time to hear “kill our landlords.” Great (though what did they expect when they took almost two weeks to fix it?). But I don’t care, I got to do four loads last night and got to wear pants to work today (casual pants, too!), and regular shoes (first day this week I didn’t have to wear heels). Hallelujah!

I did notice, however, while putting clothes away, that I still had enough underwear for almost two weeks, and socks for… a month, if not more. T-shirts too. Good to have the basics (though they wouldn’t keep me warm and don’t make up a work-appropriate outfit). would be glad that, should I be in an accident and have to go to the ER, I will be wearing clean underwear. (I don’t think she ever said that to us, but it’s a mom-ism nonetheless.)