Alright, so I take no stock in horoscopes, but often find them just amusing (especially when I’m single and it tells me that me and my significant other [fill in the blank]). But here’s today’s:

Some rather extensive and annoying paperwork might need to be dealt with, Kelly. It’ll probably require all your attention, so, if you can, take care of it first thing in the morning, when you’re still fresh. This might be a contract, or it could be an insurance policy, or something else full of unintelligible jargon. Don’t be afraid to ask someone familiar with it to explain the language to you!

“Extensive and annoying paperwork”? They just described most of my job. And I am really not “still fresh” in the morning. After 11 I’m good.

Tomorrow’s doesn’t sound good:

Phone calls and e-mails between you and your friends may get misplaced, or otherwise go astray, Kelly. A little patience is called for when trying to reach anyone at this time, especially if modern technology is involved. If a matter is urgent, it might be best to do the old-fashioned thing and actually go see the person in question. That’s the only way to ensure reaching anyone right now.

So… now you know, in case it appears I’ve fallen off the edge of the earth tomorrow, it’s really that for whatever cosmic reason, communication devices won’t be working for me. So maybe you want to just make sure you call or email today.

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  1. That second horoscope sounds like it’s talking about you trying to contact me šŸ™‚

    Hope the paperwork was neither extensive or annoying.

    Take care,

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