That almost never happens!

I… ate dinner at the kitchen table last night. And read a book. I made chicken and it wasn’t fantastic, but it was dinner at a table with juice and silverware and everything.

Last night, I also made fudge, with pecans and cashews. I haven’t tried it yet, but how can it be bad? (Perhaps it could be good bribery to get people to come over and visit me?) If it turns out well, I may have to experiment and make some holiday-fudge for work (that’s how I like to do office gifts, just bring in food one day, and I cover everyone without having to really get anyone a gift). How do you feel about red fudge? Green? White with stripes? Oh, that’s it, white with red and green marbling. I’ll have to get on that. (How much weight do you think I’ll gain if I start experimenting making fudge? Start the betting!)