All Things Wintery

Let’s try this again. Firefox has been crashing today, but I think it’s all Yahoo!’s fault. Even IM wouldn’t work today (loaded a runtime error all by itself).

Well, it’s not cold and snowy like they said it would be (37* is not cold, for all you non-Minnesotans), but I’m wearing my one-and-only wool skirt anyways (yes, the landlords still haven’t fixed the washing machine). Thanks to Liz for giving it the A-OK, because it is a fun skirt and I think I’ll enjoy it at Christmas, and throughout the winter in general. The only problem is that the ruffles (that’s right, I said ruffles) keep getting stuck on my right knee (not the left, though), so the hem is lop-sided. Don’t know what the problem there is. (Oh, in case you were worried, the ruffles themselves aren’t wool – that’d be odd for sure.)

The place in the Skyway had potato cream cheese soup today, which I adore, so that’s what’s for lunch today, so early in the day. I’ve got a meeting from 1:00-2:00, which is my usual lunch time, and that just messes up my whole day. Oh well. What can you do?

I finished In Her Shoes last night, and I’ve got to say that while I didn’t enjoy it as much as Good In Bed, I still enjoyed it immensely. You should read it. Especially if you have a sister. I think that’s what got me in the end, because the book is all about the relationship between two sisters and it just got a little emotional at the end, but in a really good way. There was more of a connection at the end, I was less detached from it but felt more like I was inside the story. The best surprise was somewhere in the middle where the main character from Good In Bed shows up briefly, a few years after that story takes place, and so there’s this continuity that’s sublime. I’m torn about Little Earthquakes – since I loved the author’s other two books, I’d like to read it, but it’s really about new motherhood, and that just doesn’t resonate with me.

Now I can immerse myself in Pride and Prejudice and the world of Jane Austen. So, if I start talking funny, you know why. Big words and odd syntax, here I come!

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