Monday Madness

  1. Sometimes I wish I could just take a long vacation and not worry about losing all my saved holiday hours.
  2. If I could take a long weekend to a cabin in the woods, with the basic creature comforts (indoor plumbing, electricity, heat, a stove), so I relax and ignore the outside world completely, spend time quietly in nature, and actually relax, I’d be very happy.
  3. The world would be a better place if more people would just first answer – stop bugging me. but on a bigger scale – I have no idea.
  4. One of my greatest qualities is I used to say my best quality was that I’m a good listener. These days I tend to have more to say, so I’m not sure if that’s so true anymore.
  5. The one thing about me that I need to work on is self-motivation (I have, like, none).
  6. Happiness is today? a Hershey’s chocolate bar.