Four For Friday

  1. Halloween: Did trick-or-treater’s come to your house this year? If so, approximately how many came by? Was this year’s number higher or lower than you’ve had in previous years, and what did you give them? Yes, we had trick-or-treaters. I don’t know how many – my roommate was completely in charge of that whole thing and I really just ignored it. She gave out Laffy Taffy, Nerds, Eyeballs, Whoppers, Mini KitKats, BottleCaps, Runts, and some other stuff (that’s all that’s left in the house right now).
  2. Allergies: Do you have allergies? If so, what are you allergic to? If you’re not allergic to anything, is there anything you wish you were allergic to? I have no officially diagnosed allergies (unlike and , who had to endure horrible tests to find out they were allergic to dust and cats and plants). Unofficially, there are some weird ingredients I’ve never been able to pinpoint in certain perfumes and occasionally a lotion that make me break out in a lovely rash or even hives a time or two. That’s fun. Quite attractive, too.
  3. Organic Food: The organic food market in the United States is projected to reach a value of $30.7 billion by the year 2007. According to one recent report, close to 40 percent of the U.S. population now uses organic products on a daily basis. Are you included in that 40 percent figure… do you intentionally buy organic foods or drinks? If so, what are you buying? If not, why? I don’t think I could say I use organic products on a daily basis, but I’d have to check the milk I buy at the co-op. I do buy organic occasionally, since I shop mainly at the co-op and sometimes it’s the only option, or sometimes the organic stuff looks way better than the other stuff.
  4. Television: Which TV shows from the past would you like to see back on television and why? I really miss Beverly Hills 90210 and Melrose Place, mainly because I wasn’t allowed to watch them when they were aired the first time. I’d settle for reruns (not currently playing on any of my cable stations).