If I didn’t have my head screwed on tight, I tell ya…

I keep forgetting the totally awesome news told me yesterday. Her husband won a car for a year Monday morning by calling in to KTIS! 2006 Toyota Camry (he even gets to pick the color)! I’ve won tickets before, but never something so cool (and expensive) as a car. Some people have all the luck. Their biggest problem is they’re not sure what to do with their now-extra car (because he only won it for a year, so getting rid of the extra car isn’t necessarily prudent). Wow, what a horrible problem to have.

Oh, and sometimes you can read superficial magazines (like Cosmo and In Style) and occasionally learn something! While I picked up the In Style primarily for it’s articles on organizing your closet and getting better sleep, I stumbled across this sweet little tip from some celebrity they interviewed. Vaseline under the eyes before going to bed at night – keeps the wrinkles away (man, I hate even typing that word!). Because someone who is continually mistaken for a 19-year-old should really not stress out about wrinkles, or have to purchase eye cream, or groan so much when getting out of bed in the morning (though that’s probably due more to a late night than old age).

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