Such a Tease!

I know, I'm a horrible person. But I haven't had this much fun with a Halloween costume since I went as Titania in 2000.
So, as promised, here's the last teaser for tonight's costume.

While searching through old photos to come up with the Halloween one, I found these that I thought I’d share today:

My cat Montgomery, the first one I had in Michigan, rescued while on a youth group camping trip from the forest.
My next cat, Dallas, who found me in the parking lot of my apartment. He and Montgomery got along pretty well. I was sad to leave them in Michigan, but couldn't bring them with me to Minnesota.

Ah, moving to Michigan. Always nice to see all of your worldly belongings fit inside a trailer.

(And that included a couch and love seat and several other pieces of furniture that had just been given to me by ‘s then-girlfriend , since he’d just moved in with her, and I got the old furniture that morning before driving up to Michigan with and .)

Just before moving, here's me and Alison at my college graduation. It's been pointed out to me by a co-worker that I look exceptionally pale. Yeah, God made me white. Deal with it. (Also, this is why I don't wear black.)