Friday Fiver: 3×5

  1. What’s the last item you mailed? A letter to my sponsored child in Columbia.
  2. Who has made you smile recently? Can’t you guess my answer by now?
  3. What’s the weather like outside? Kinda grey and there’s a chill in the air. Great coffee-drinking weather (see last meme).
  4. Do you consider yourself a good judge of character? I used to, but after having gotten burned multiple times (a college friend and two churches, to name a few), I dare not think I am anymore.
  5. What’s your favorite photograph? Favorite? Of what? Of me, I’ve got to go with my bridesmaid picture from ‘s wedding. Of scenery, one from any number of trips I’ve taken to a waterfront. Of people, what comes to mind first is the one of and and me all in the hammock outside our house on Asbury, particularly the one where is trying to get out of the hammock and her mouth is hanging open, because it’s funny.

2 Replies to “Friday Fiver: 3×5”

  1. The picture of the three of us is my favorite too. The one of me with my mouth open should be destroyed. I look like an idiot.

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