Four For Friday

  1. What are the directions for making a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich? You’re gonna need bread, two slices, preferably of the really crappy worthless white kind, unless you want to go all gourmet. Take the peanut butter (creamy, preferably) and apply to one slice of bread. Try to make sure you go all the way out to the edges. Don’t spread it on too thick, or once you take a bite you’ll never again be able to open your mouth. Place second slice of bread on top. I suppose if you like jelly you should apply some of that, but really it belongs nowhere near my sandwich.
  2. How many weddings have you been to, and what is your most memorable wedding-related moment? Let’s see, of weddings in my memory, there are:

    • Cousin Julie sometime during high school – I was in charge of the guest book, and and I got these grapevine hearts they’d used to decorate the church with, and we both still have ours.
    • Cousin Vern in California my junior year of high school (fabulous trip to San Jose in the middle of February).
    • Nate & Danyel at the end of sophomore year of college (trip up to Wisconsin, weekend at the cabin with friends).
    • Cousin Mark Christmas 1997 right after my parents’ divorce (yeah, that was fun).
    • Angie & Noah, and Stef & Jon at end of senior year of college (one right before moving to Michigan, one a few weeks later that I came back for).
    • & Christian, summer of 2001 (?)
    • , July 2002 – scripture reading, made special trip home from Arizona for the weekend (and enjoyed hot showers since the water heater had broke down in Arizona and wasn’t fixed until after we left at the end of the summer)
    • My cousin Katie, August 2002
    • , July 2003 – maid of honor
    • & Chuck in Boston, May 2004 – scripture reading
    • & Mike in Illinois, July 2004 – bridesmaid
    • That’s… twelve, a nice even dozen. Most memorable moment was probably ‘s wedding, watching her walk down the aisle and I was trying so hard not to cry (though really it’s unlikely that any sister would succeed in that).
  3. Would you rather spend money on good times and nice things now or invest it for the future? I think that anyone who looked at my bank statement would know that I far too often spend money now and don’t look to the future. Also, I have no self-control where I’m involved (really, I have no problem saying “no” to others, but to myself? now that’s nearly impossible).
  4. Earlier this week, while acknowledging that there’s an acute shortage of priests in the Roman Catholic Church, bishops from around the world reaffirmed the Church’s stance on celibacy for its clergy. In your opinion, should Catholic priests be allowed to marry? I think that the Catholic Church can go wherever it wants to with that, since it really doesn’t affect my life, as a non-Catholic. Protestant pastors are allowed to marry all the time, and to me it makes them more human, and that’s a good thing. I’d rather take advice and guidance from someone who’s been through it and can ‘fess up. I take much more issue with their stance that women can’t be clergy, but that’s a whole other rant.