Four For Friday

  1. When you’re in the privacy of your own home, what–if anything–do you tend to read while you’re in the bathroom? I don’t read in the bathroom, unless I’m taking a bath, which happens so rarely. If I’m so inclined, it would have to be something I wouldn’t care about accidentally dropping, so I’m gonna go with a women’s mag like Cosmo (trash).
  2. How did you first learn about your current job? They called me up for an interview. I honestly don’t remember sending in my resume, but I was applying for anything that I might be remotely qualified for at the time. They saved me from a really boring temp job.
  3. On this date in 1915, American Telephone and Telegraph Company engineers in Arlington, Virginia, initiated the very first transatlantic radiotelephone call (they called a telephone placed at the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France). What was the last country you placed a call to besides your own? I have never called another country. When I was in Romania, I think I made a call or two back home, but I don’t think that counts.
  4. If you had picked the winning numbers in this week’s Powerball Jackpot, which was worth an estimated $340,000,000.00, you would have been given the option of choosing between a one-time cash payment of $170 Million, or 30 annual payments of approximately $5.6 Million each. Which would you choose and why? I think I could handle the annual payments. The lump sum might not go so well (I don’t do so well with money, and with the annual payments, even if I blew it all in January, there’d be more next year, which would be something great to look forward to).