Praise be to the Caffeine gods

So I’m nearly normal by now. I must say that diet Vanilla Coke is pretty disgusting. Way too sweet (and I like sweet!). The White Chocolate Mocha has kicked in though. I was busy with work all day. That’s… refreshing.

I forgot to mention that we have heat in our house now! I came home yesterday, opened the door and was hit with a nice warm batch of air. So very happy. I think I can now safely take off the t-shirt quilt and sleep with just the down one.

Dinner tonight at Tanpopo! Then back to my house for games (Trivial Pursuit, Sequence, Scrabble?) – anyone want to place bets on who’ll win what? Players: myself, , , and . My money’s on , though comes in at a close second (seeing as how Sequence and Trivial Pursuit are hers – I bet I could take her in Scrabble though). knows lots of things, but is it Trivial Pursuit 20th Anniversary stuff? I don’t think so. He’d probably do good at Sequence. I rate myself last (despite having won the last official Trivial Pursuit game).