Of Note

pointed out last night that I’ve been known to spell “y’all” incorrectly. (Bonus points for that, you know.) So I had to go perusing through the archives searching for the incorrect version “ya’ll.” It’s just how I pronounce it, I think, that makes me want to put the apostrophe in the wrong spot. All fixed now (except for this post).

In my defense, I have to say that lots of people spell it wrong. Just do a Google search. (I only did it 4 times, plus wherever in emails that I’ve sent the last month or so.)

2 Replies to “Of Note”

  1. I would argue that “ya’ll” could be appropriate spelling. The apostrophy indicates the contraction of two words, and depending on the words you are contracting, you would get a different result:

    you + all = y’all

    but if speaking informally (which using that word at all, in any context, would be informal unless one is from Texas) one may say:

    ya + all = y’all

    as in, how are ya doing [when speaking to one hick]? how are ya all (ya’ll)doing [when speaking to multiple hicks]?

    I’m not a proponent of either, however I did want to point out that there may be multiple variations if you take colloquialisms and informal, casual speech into account.

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