Wardrobe malfunction fixed. I gave in and stopped at Field’s while out for coffee, because as much fun as it was trying to fix my nylons in the middle of the Skyway, I really thought it’d be best if I didn’t have to. That was fun. Old businessmen in suits, and me with my left thigh high hanging out at my knee. Avert your eyes, gentlemen!

If you’ve seen the commercials for the Minnesota Housing Finance Authority, the guy who is their spokesperson was on my bus this morning. Or some guy who looked exactly like him.

Tammy (my barista) noticed I’m wearing a skirt today. Now, Tammy is particularly observant (always being the first to comment when I color my hair), but what does it mean when people notice that? I knew what it meant in Michigan – when I’d dress particularly nice for church (and I wasn’t preaching), people would always say things like, “you clean up real good.” Thanks. And there was that one time I went over to a youth group kid’s house to drop off a permission slip, and I was wearing jeans because it was the middle of the week and there’s no dress code for youth pastors, and the dad said something about it being my day off, and I was like no, this is what I wear every day. Man, I miss those days. Jeans and track pants and t-shirts (the sloppy kind, not the cute kind I wear now). Of course, I didn’t look so hot, but I really wasn’t trying to attract the single men of Davisburg. (Were there single men in Davisburg? Under the age of 40?)

It was fun, because I told Tammy I was going out for dinner tonight, and she asked if I had a date, and I got to tell her I’m going out with my boyfriend to meet his friends. Yes, I’m sure at some point I’ll get over the novelty of that.

My soon-to-be decided to take the day off. My soon-to-be is doing performance reviews this morning. Boring things to do at work today, but enough to stay busy (or at least occupied).

What should dress up as for Halloween? Any ideas?