All together now, awwwww…

My friend is having a baby next spring, and they just had the ultrasound yesterday to find out if its a boy or a girl. Here’s the picture of Charlie (hope she doesn’t mind my sharing):

First picture

I don’t usually get all worked up over babies, but I’m so very happy for and Chuck. I miss her a lot, and wish that we lived closer together (she’s the one in the Boston area). We had lots of good times in college. We were in the same major, read some of the same books, shared impossible crushes, went running together at night around the track, shared many of the same frustrations with professors and classes, worked in the library…. In college I used to say that when I grew up I wanted to be her, because she’s just so amazing. I learned a lot from her, both through conversation and her example of how to be a godly woman seeking the heart of God. Her husband is pastor (associate? something) at a church now that he’s graduated from seminary, and she’s still got a class or two left but isn’t sure what she wants to do other than write. Their kids are going to be so loved and blessed.