Aside: Where did I put my brain? [Editor’s note: anyone who finds said brain is requested to please return to owner asap. Owner is rather amusing without lost item, but not nearly as functional. If found, please do not alter in any way before returning, unless of course you’re a brain surgeon and you have figured out a way for me to use more than 10% of my brain. Then go ahead.]

Tonight I’m going to see Serenity with Prince Charming. I had thought it looked like a good movie, but didn’t really think much about seeing it in the theater. And I’m excited about going – it’s just one more thing boyfriends are good for (seeing movies you wouldn’t with your girlfriends). With my girlfriends, I want to see a chick flick in the theater, or maybe a comedy if it’s really good and probably not full of juvenile/bathroom humor. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a friends with whom I’d see non-chick-flicks with. I went to see Life As A House with the associate pastor’s daughter at that church that remains nameless but we still don’t go visit that city even though it’s just a few minutes away. Betsy and I saw… Star Wars Episode 1 when she visited me in San Francisco (that may have been the night of too much margarita and not enough food, because it’s all a little fuzzy). I saw Jurassic Park with Mom (terribly embarrassing story). I saw White Squall with the guys from youth group at the $1 theater in my hometown. That might be it.

At any rate, I’m looking forward to it, and that’s what I’ve been trying to say.

Anyone wanna stop by my house and check the temperature for me? No? How about calling my landlords and finding out what the crap is going on? Melissa and I have decided that they must be having a problem getting/keeping things going, because they wouldn’t just ignore us like that (seeing as how there’s laws about that). But still.

I have very ugly socks on today. And another piece of clothing that is very Bridget Jones-esque that Amanda knows about and is now laughing about, I’m sure. (Yes, I’m allowed to have private jokes with my friends and not tell everyone about them. It’s my blog, after all.)