More pics

Because, really, I don’t blog about my cats enough. Here’s some pics.

Also. I made dinner earlier this week and was quite proud of myself. I cooked up some chicken wings I’d bought at the co-op that had completely perplexed me with what to do with them (other than BBQ). Finally I found a halfway decent recipe/suggestion, and ended up with this:

Cooking away in the pan with spices, pearl onions (so they give flavor but I don’t have to eat them), and carrots. It smelled delicious!
Nice and steamy! I just liked the way the photo turned out.
A nice, balanced meal. Mom would be so proud.
Here you can see the chicken better (though chicken just doesn’t photograph well – it looks all pale and washed out… kinda like me).

I’m sad to report that it didn’t taste nearly as good as it looked and smelled. It wasn’t bad, per se, just… not terribly flavorful. No worries. I took the rest off the bone and used it that way with some leftover noodles. Much yummier. (Much more yummy? Grammar has escaped me lately.)

OK, so not terribly exciting photos, but I never promised excitement, did I. Hey, if your day is boring enough that this is your break, your escape, well, I just feel sad now. (Of course, it’s often my escape from my day as well, so I’m a little sad for me too.)

Anyone have suggestions for dinner tonight? Wait, forget that. More BLTs. (Minus T, add an A for Avocado, which is a fabulous way to do it. Liz raved about them, though she cooked the bacon, and assembled her sandwich, and all I really did was toast the bread, slice avocado and tear up lettuce. And get mayo out of the fridge. I didn’t want to get my germs all over everything.)