I’m sick. Just sniffly (though I’m sure by the end of the day my nose will be red from my prolific use of Kleenex… no wait, they’re Puffs Plus) and with a bit of a sore throat, though that’s subsided greatly since waking. I’ve attempted finding the exact specifications on the internet to use as leverage with my landlord (who isn’t withholding heat so much as just being lazy). said in Minneapolis the rule is it has to be 68* indoors within a 24-hour period. It hasn’t been over 61* in my house in a week. I’m sure this can be listed under cruelty. The cats are attempting to figure out how to dial PETA and complain about the mistreatment, but haven’t exactly gotten past their illiteracy and lack of opposable thumbs.

came over last night, and I was actually surprised she stayed as long as she did, considering the temperature of the house. It was good to catch up in person (instead of via phone or email). is coming over tonight – her first day of work at the Science Museum, which is in my neck of the woods. I think I’ll make BLTs (sans T, of course) on wheat bread – yum! loves bacon.

I must say briefly that my hair feels fabulous today. First day in… a week that it’s been curly. I am in need of re-dying it, and a haircut as well, but I suspect I’m the only person who actually notices that. I must also say that those of you with straight hair don’t know how good you have it. It’s been so easy for the last week to do my hair in the morning (or fix it mid-day, or change my mind), to be able to brush it, and I could probably have worn a hat if I’d felt so inclined without getting hat head on my way to work (it hasn’t been that cold yet, though). You should all know how lucky you are. That’s not to say that I don’t love my curly hair, because I do, because it makes me unique and individual (what is the probability of having red curly hair? it’s definitely a collection of recessive genes I’ve got going on), and people almost always remember me because of it (also makes it easy when meeting someone I don’t know somewhere, because the likelihood that I’m the only person there with red curly hair is pretty high, and then they can come find me so I don’t have to scan the crowd and feel all … high school lunchroom).

I’ve surprisingly had projects to do all morning. I sense that may not be true this afternoon, but I’ll take what I can get.

Yesterday I forgot to post my list of things I’ve never done (as a springboard for and I to find ways to spend time together. Here it is, in no particular order (starred items didn’t count in my tally of 5 that was requested):

  1. Rollerskating (actually, its just been a long time, but I’ve never been able to skate backwards well, if that counts)
  2. Kiss in the rain (great “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” moment)
  3. Played poker (could also fill in with a multitude of video games)
  4. *Been arrested (though I’ve been threatened, and I don’t really ever want to be, so perhaps it doesn’t count for this list)
  5. *Gone to a poetry reading (though this doesn’t actually sound like much fun)
  6. Watched an actual horror flick (one that’s actually scary, not just “supposed to be”) (according to imdb, Jaws, The Birds and The Shining are horror films, but I those aren’t exactly what I was thinking of when I said “horror”)
  7. *Been back to high school since graduating (not really do-able for purposes of this list)
  8. Dressed up (not for work) for no particular reason
  9. Been ice skating at the Depot
  10. *There’s lots of things that could be added to the list with the simple add-on of the phrase “with a boy,” such as gone for a jog, cooked breakfast, re-written the lyrics of a classic song into some sort of parody, watched a sporting event (live or television, with the exception of the SuperBowl)….

What can you add to the list? (As in, what are some things you’ve never done?) Play along at home! Leave your comments below (feel free to list the numbers from my list of things you have done, if you feel so inclined).

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  1. Ha! Perhaps Kelly needs me to help her along. I can tell her b/f all sorts of things he’d love to know. For example, there is a black mini-skirt just SCREAMING to be worn in front of him, beware of the Depot (her family may construe that to mean you’re more interested than you think), and if you ask her to do something while she’s on a swing, she’ll likely say yes.

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