It rained today – not much, from the looks of the sidewalks. I missed it, of course, and it was barely misting when I went outside to escape my cubicle. The main problem is that all of downtown St Paul smelled not like fresh rain or car exhaust, but like pee. Completely ruined the serenity that I was supposed to be gaining while getting some free coffee (love the Starbucks’ buy-nine-get-one-free card, valid only at my downtown St Paul Marshall Fields’ Starbucks).

A co-worker suggested that it might not be cold medication that makes me loopy, but colds themselves. This was brought on by my strange behavior all afternoon (and my repeated assertions that I had not, in fact, taken any drugs). I was feeling a bit… disjointed, so he could have a point. I might have to look and see what I have in my medicine drawer tonight, after Liz leaves of course, because it wouldn’t be very nice to lose my sanity during her visit.

…and now I’ve made multiple references today to computer-related products getting relationship counseling. Yes… the day is going well. (I’m nothing if not amusing.)