The elevator I got in on the way down to the Skyway smelled like popcorn. It’s not terribly uncommon, seeing as how there’s a popcorn place in the Skyway that lots of people frequent.

The elevator I got in on the way back up smelled like men’s cologne – something woodsy, piney. Not my preference, in general (I’m a CKOne girl myself), but it wasn’t horrible.

And, something I’ve been waiting for with great anticipation for quite some time now happened on Wednesday. It’s Estee Lauder Gift Time! Yay! Because if I’m going to spend good money on the perfume I like, I prefer to get free things. Given the whole weird allergy to perfumes thing, I’m sticking with what I know works. (It’s nice to not break out in hives or a rash just because you wanted to smell pretty.)