Top 10 Movies (That Didn’t Make The Cut)

My original list had 23, and I’d already written my reviews, so I thought, why waste all that work? Here’s 11-23, in order by date. (Again, starred the ones I own.)

  1. Breakfast at Tiffany’s* – Another Audrey Hepburn film, and really the whole middle is just weird, but what do you expect Truman Capote. The last five minutes makes the middle worth it. (1961)
  2. Close Encounters of the Third Kind – While Richard Dreyfuss is not my favorite, the whole idea of communicating with aliens with music is very creative, and the scenes move quickly enough and keep you on your toes, wondering what’s going to happen next. (1977)
  3. Raiders of the Lost Ark – Who doesn’t love Harrison Ford in this classic? Action, adventure, some history and romance along the way. A movie guys enjoy that doesn’t have guns and explosions (at least not in the way movies do now) and girls like too (perhaps just because we like looking at Harrison Ford – can you blame us?). (1981)
  4. Princess Bride – Do I really need to explain this? Clever humor, bad guys with worse hair, an a threat of suicide attached to arranged marriage, and all done without dancing and singing (which could have been a way to go with it, but I’m glad they didn’t). (1987)
  5. Reality Bites* – This was really a favorite of mine in college and a few years directly after, as it so realistically (as realistic as a movie can be without being a documentary or just really not entertaining) portrays life after graduation and the searching that people continue to do. (1994)
  6. French Kiss – Kevin Kline is oh-so-sexy as a Frenchman (he does a very good job with the accent and actually pulls off a mustache without looking smarmy), and Meg Ryan plays her usual heartbroken-romantic-female lead character. I like the realizations the main characters come to about themselves and their relationships – little “aha” moments. (1995)
  7. First Knight – Richard Gere and Julia Ormond and Sean Connery – whew! One of the few movies where cheating, if you call palpable tension and one kiss that, isn’t a total turnoff. And the aftermath, how each character handles things, makes a great end to a Camelot romance. (1995)
  8. Face Off – Perhaps the only movie with John Travolta or Nicholas Cage that I have truly enjoyed. Plenty of action and suspense, and the viewer needs to pay attention and think carefully during the movie, which is a nice change for an action flick. (1997)
  9. Office Space* – Do I really need to explain why I like this movie? I work in a cube. I understand the insanity that is the business world. A clever comedy that rarely resorts to juvenile or bathroom humor. (1999)
  10. The Virgin Suicides – A tragedy, really, that I loved but and didn’t. I think they wanted a happy ending, and there isn’t one. (1999)
  11. Life As A House – I’ve only seen this once, but I thought it was brilliant and raw and moving and completely unexpected. (2001)
  12. Moulin Rouge* – Ewan McGregor singing (Nicole Kidman is OK, but definitely not the best part) in a very musically inventive work. The crazy costumes and settings are a bit over the top, but don’t stand out as glaringly obvious errors. (2001)
  13. Something’s Gotta Give* – Another movie I’ll pop in if there’s nothing on TV. I like that the romance of two 60-somethings is funny and sweet and still appeals somehow to 20-somethings. Keanu Reeves definitely adds something to the ensemble, actually acting for a change. (2003)