Top 10 Movies of All Time

Do you know how hard it is to come up with a Top 10 List? Here is my list, and I reserve the right to change my mind at any time, since it’s entirely possible I have forgotten some of the best ones. I tried to be diverse in my selections, honestly (which is how #10 made it on the list), but I really ended up with a list full of chick flicks. Oh well. (I own the starred ones.)

  1. An Affair To Remember* – A movie that, while the beginning and middle are good, I wait anxiously for the last 5 minutes. Every time, I’m quite sure that it might turn out differently, but hoping that it turns out the way it does. (1957)
  2. Sense and Sensibility* – I identify so closely with Emma Thompson’s character (both in the book and movie, surprisingly) that I feel more like I’m in the movie or watching parts of my life rather than just being entertained. Not that my life in any way resembles any Jane Austen character, but the person who Elinor Dashwood is I completely understand. (1995)
  3. You’ve Got Mail* – Meg Ryan, Tom Hanks, with an on-screen romance that actually has them on screen together (unlike Sleepless in Seattle, where they don’t meet until the very end). While Tom Hanks’ character doesn’t necessarily act with the most honor, he is charming nonetheless. At the end, when he says, “Oh, how I wish you would,” and she’s all fidgety, that’s the best. Plus, “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” is the song that plays at the very end. (1998)
  4. Sabrina* –Audrey Hepburn, always a favorite, as the daughter of a chauffeur who falls in love with the wealthy son on the estate. What’s great is that you can totally watch her character go through this metamorphosis, and Humphrey Bogart’s character as well. (1952)
  5. While You Were Sleeping* – One of those movies I’ll pop in if nothing else is on, simply because it makes me feel good. I love that it takes place around Christmas in Chicago, but really the chemistry between Bill Pullman and Sandra Bullock is what makes this movie great. (1995)
  6. Charade – Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant are fantastic in this thriller of sorts where you’re not quite sure who’s telling the truth. The first time I saw it, the end was a complete surprise, and I like that in a movie. (1963)
  7. Sixteen Candles* – Great opening scene that characterizes high school in the early 80s perfectly. The moment where she sees Jake at his car is… a dream come true (another movie where the last 5 minutes make up for any shortcomings). (1984)
  8. Desk Set* – Katharine Hepburn (not my favorite Hepburn) as a reference librarian (sort of) fearing for her job in light of a computer of sorts being brought in to the office. Her character’s vast knowledge, added to the hilarity of how computers were imagined in 1957, bring this story to life. (1957)
  9. White Christmas* – Bing Crosby singing and dancing (with Rosemary Clooney and Danny Kaye) in Vermont (plus a fabulous dance number dressed as a woman) at Christmastime. All-around best Christmas movie in my opinion. (1954)
  10. House of Sand and Fog* – It took me… days to watch this. There’s a scene towards the end that is so tense I could only watch a minute or two at a time before I had to turn it off and do something else. It’s horrible and wonderful all at the same time. (2003)