It’s freezing in my house tonight – 62 last time I checked, but it’s getting colder. Landlords could turn the heat on anytime now. I keep reminding myself of all the people not a mile from here sleeping outside. At least I know that soon I’ll have heat, and until then I have warm blankets and cats to snuggle with and hot tea if I really wanted it (it’s late, gotta go decaf).

The cats have been all over me tonight. I think they know that if we keep together we’ll stay warmer. I cleaned tonight. The chair in front of the TV is now available for sitting, though arguably still too close to the TV for comfortable viewing. It’d be a good place to read a book and listen to music. The stacks of papers on my desk and hamper and elsewhere are gone. I even organized my bills and did some shredding.

So at 10 pm when there’s nothing left to do and its freezing in your house, what do you do? Well, given my options, I chose sleep. Only I wasn’t tired. So I’ve been reading and playing games on my pda, and might be tired enough soon. Its going to be painful getting out of bed tomorrow. I’ve got a skirt outfit all laid out for tomorrow – how much do you want to bet I don’t wear it? I did give in and pull out a late-fall jacket. Realized, sadly, the one I was thinking of had a broken zipper last year and was sent to Goodwill. So my Judson one came out – it’s huge and I always feel a bit silly but also terribly comfortable in it. I’m sure the fashion police don’t approve, but sometimes sentiment wins out over style.

thinks it’d be a great idea if tomorrow night we do something neither of us has done before. It’s a good idea, and creative, if we can think of something. Of course, there’s lots of things I haven’t done. I’m really no fun in that “I’ve Never…” game, not that I’ve ever been invited to play (so all of you who have, drink up!). Really, though, it’s silly to say that, because there are plenty of things I’ve done that lots of people haven’t. I’ve:

  • preached a sermon.
  • tried to chew a whole package of grape Hubba Bubba.
  • taught English in Romania, been to the square in Timisoara where the revolution against communism in that country began, and seen the lions at the entrance to the bridge in Budapest that the sculptor committed suicide after completing when he noticed he forgot to give them tongues.
  • seen fireworks on the fourth of July over the San Francisco Bay with a boy I could have married.
  • fed the homeless in more cities than I care to count, breakfast, lunch and dinner, vegetarian, soup and bread, cafeteria line turkey and mashed potatoes.
  • backed a 12-passenger van into a tree in a parking lot I’d been in so many times it was ridiculous.
  • seen the Nutcracker, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, and Les Miserables (twice).
  • stood in Lake Superior up to my thighs in freezing water.
  • had poison ivy.
  • fallen up a flight of stairs, including a charming incident freshman year of high school.
  • fallen asleep in the middle of a French exam, woke up and finished it, and passed.
  • slept through two years of high school math.
  • adopted stray cats from the woods and a parking lot.
  • worn a blond wig to complete a Halloween costume.
  • spent entire weekends without leaving the house.
  • taken rides from strangers multiple times when my car has broken down.
  • been sunburnt so bad I was sick for days.
  • lost a toenail.
  • tickled until she cried.
  • yelled and screamed and shouted “I hate you” and slammed doors.
  • held my tongue even when provoked.
  • told the truth when its been painful.
  • worn ‘s bell-bottoms from the 70’s.
  • hugged a redwood in Muir Woods.
  • won tickets to a concert (several times).
  • roofed a house.
  • spent an entire day in bed with a good book.
  • fallen in and out of love.
  • sang in front of an audience with a microphone.
  • read the entire Bible at least twice.
  • been line dancing.
  • forgiven.
  • said I’m sorry.
  • admitted I was wrong.
  • eaten at a restaurant called The Big Texan.
  • walked the Golden Gate Bridge.
  • eaten fresh seafood at Pike Place, Pier 39, and Cape Hatteras.
  • worn a large yellow banana suit while lip syncing and dancing.
  • climbed up a ropes course to balance 70 feet in the air on a log with a friend.
  • cried on a plane when seeing Chicago first come into view ( – that makes four times I’ve cried in public).
  • been stuck in the top of a closet and in a swing at a park.
  • been pooped on by a bird.
  • won Trivial Pursuit (albeit by the grace and kindness of and ).

Well, I feel better about me now. Your turn – add a few of your own to the comments.