I have discovered part of the problem with the apple crisp. I don’t like the apples. I mean, I’m sure they’re lovely apples and all, but they were definitely not meant for apple crisp. They don’t taste right. I don’t remember if I used the Fireside or the Connell Red, all I know is that I didn’t use the Haralson (despite being told by the handy-dandy apple picking guide provided us by the orchard that Haralsons are good for baking and eating, and the others were just… well, nicely described). I like the Haralsons best, and I wanted to eat them, and didn’t much care about the other two, thought they’d be good in apple crisp. Apparently I was wrong. Sad. They might make a good pie though. Or I could schlep them off on roommates. Really, how many apples can one girl eat?