My Weekend (in short)

I don’t have tons of time today to blog, but I thought I’d put up a little bit about my weekend. Friday and I went to the Minnesota Orchestra. I was a bit afraid I’d find it boring, but it was really good. It was especially fun to find those musicians who really enjoyed what they were doing. The guest violinist was one of those people, but there were some others as well, where it was fabulous to watch their facial expressions and movements. Time to go for violin lessons, I believe.

Saturday, and and I went to Sponsels for our annual apple orchard trip. I’m still working on the photo page, and I’ll post the link there later. Here’s my two favorite pictures from the day:

Shiny red apple

I’ll try to post the stories of the day along with the pictures by the end of today (no promises, though, with the “big meeting” this afternoon where we find out who’s positions are being eliminated – no worries, theoretically, since all those who are affected have already been told).

Sunday, after sleeping in (I was soooooo tired), cleaning around the house, and a wonderful turkey & Havarti sandwich inspired by my time in San Francisco and trips to the Sourdough Bread Company aka Boudin (a great restaurant if you’re ever there), picked me up and we drove to charming Mendota, population 197, and visited a historical marker there that referenced Minnesota’s first governor.

Historical marker
Path in the woods

We also took a nice long walk through part of Fort Snelling State Park (located quite inconveniently underneath the ascent-path of the airport), attempted to skip rocks, and generally enjoyed nature. Here’s my favorite picture from the day (OK, my only picture, and it didn’t turn out nearly as nicely as it looked in my experience of it):


There were times when the breeze would hit the river just right and the smell would hit me, and I still can’t place exactly where I know that from, but I know it was familiar and important somehow. Our sense of smell is linked closely with memory, but that doesn’t mean my memory functions all that well. Then there was a delightful trip to Cold Stone, and if you count that as a meal, I had three of them yesterday, which I think you should, since it has clearly enough calories to be a meal and contained three of the four food groups (no meat products). There was some fabulous music playing in the store, and the combination of things made me quite happy.

I also had a lovely trip to Target later that night that involved purchasing some large Rubbermaid containers and then taking them home with me on the bus. Always an adventure. But hopefully the camping stuff can get taken care of and stored away neatly soon.

This morning started out quite poorly, truthfully. The key statement being made by my roommate when she commented on how she was running late. Of course, her running late meant that I got in the shower about an hour after I should have and ten minutes before I should have been on the bus. Needless to say, I was later to work than preferable (though my boss isn’t coming in until 1pm, so that made it a little better). Then the bus was about 6 minutes late, and the driver thought that in the umpteen-blocks into downtown St Paul he could make up those 6 minutes by hurtling as fast as possible down the street and stopping quite abruptly. At one point I feared for the senior citizen standing in the aisle waiting for his stop. The bus: also always an adventure.

I really must go and do some work. Or get coffee. Something, at least.