Intimate Apparel

[I have a really hard time spelling “apparel,” and it’s driving me crazy.]

[Editor’s note: no, this will not be a post about my intimate apparel, except for the brief mention that I have lost a piece while camping and this disturbs me. Strangely, it doesn’t disturb me nearly as much as the missing pants (that were never found – I have some ideas of where to look for the currently missing piece before declaring them MIA).]

Prince Charming took me out to dinner last night and then to see “Intimate Apparel” at the Guthrie. It was a really good play, and if you live in the Twin Cities area and have the chance, you should really go see it. The description on the site doesn’t do it justice. Our seats were off to the side but in the second row, so we could really see the expression on the actors’ faces. They were very talented – I really believed they felt the emotions they were portraying. Plus, the actor playing Mr. Marks was cute (Note to Prince Charming: I’d put him on my “list” if he weren’t so local; hardly seems fair – if Salma was a local I might protest more, though not so much if Brad were.)

I never was very good at literary analysis or movie reviews, so I don’t think I’m doing the play justice. Suffice it to say it was good and you should see it. I don’t know if I’ve ever been to a play that was actually good. Musicals, yes. But I think most, if not all, of the plays I’ve been to have been junior high or senior high productions (a few college ones, and those were decent, but I think our theatre department’s annual budget was the equivalent of a day’s wage in Mexico). That was one of the things I didn’t enjoy so much when I worked at church – going to kid’s plays and concerts. You want so much to like it and enjoy it and be proud of them, but let’s be honest, it’s junior high band, how good is it really going to be? They’re always so happy to see you, too (though really it’s the parents who are the most touched by your presence), so that part’s good. It’s just the 2 hours sitting through squeaky instruments, off-key singers, and awkward kids who forget their lines that’s the hard part. Love them anyways (the kids, not the plays/concerts).

Thankfully I never really had any kids who were big into sports, or at least not to the extent that I was ever invited to watch their games. I suppose high school sports aren’t really that bad, and watching sports live is so much better than on television (that surprised me, the first time I went to a Saints game, and the Twins game was even better; I don’t remember enjoying the Cougars games we went to in high school youth group). Maybe I’ve just learned to appreciate sports a little more in my old age. (No, I don’t have the home on speed dial yet, nor is my Medic-Alert bracelet on order. Just because I’m closer to 30 than to 20 [time out to take deep, calming breaths] does not mean I’m old. Really. [Yeah, just keep telling yourself that.])

Well, those were some random tangents. Amanda has informed me that my missing piece of clothing was not in her luggage. Now I’ll have to re-check my luggage (that I’ve already unpacked, though I may have forgotten the pockets…), and perhaps the deep recesses of my closet. This is quite unnerving to keep losing things. Next thing you know, it’ll be my sanity, or my head’ll fall off (though Prince Charming seems to think that pipe dope will fix this problem; note – don’t do a Google search on that term while at work if you think your boss might walk up behind you; stick to the term “Teflon tape” instead).

Last random tidbit. Liz was notified on Monday that she got the job she was downtown St Paul interviewing for last week. Very exciting. She is now gainfully employed at three (3) different places. That, on top of the whole grad school thing, might mean Amanda and I will have a hard time scheduling time for all of us to get together. But we’ll make it work. And hopefully Liz and I can take advantage of the times we’re both downtown at the same time. Congrats, Liz!