I was cleaning up my sent email folder, and discovered the following. In the week or so since I’d last cleaned it out, there were 35 emails. 14 of them were to , 8 were to , and one to . (Yes, those numbers don’t add up to 35. There were a few others in there as well.) I have actually found that to be true most of the time – , when did we start communicating solely by email? At least they’re usually short. This comes from no longer being roommates, I’m sure. misses out on all the email simply because she’s a little busy these days, and we don’t hold it against her. (Which reminds me of a cheesy pickup line, “If I told you you had a great body, would you hold it against me?” Haha.)

My breakfast this morning consists of an apple that tastes like autumn (I know how odd that sounds) and whatever pastries I confiscate from the one year anniversary spread we’ve got going on here. Last night I indulged in a junk food I associate with drunken college nights, not that I had any of those being on a dry campus – Easy Cheese. How gross is that stuff? But so much fun anyways. Cheese in a can. Who thought of that?

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  1. Alas, we have resorted to email lately. Actually, I think most of our communication happens on this blog. You write, I comment…

    My guess is the US military thought of cheese in a can. Or at least someone trying to sell it to the military. That’s how we got Spam (of the vaguely meat related type, as opposed to the email variety).

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