Too Beautiful

It is absolutely gorgeous outside today. On my way to get coffee, I noticed how the sun was shining, the sky so blue, just a few wispy airbrushes of clouds. And the breeze, which meant I wasn’t too warm in my long-sleeves despite the 75* weather, could only be described as soft and round (unlike the hard, biting wind of winter). But I forgot that it gets better on the way back, because when I step out of that door, I’m facing directly into the sun. If it’s a really bad day, and the slow walk doesn’t calm me down and the coffee doesn’t mellow me out, the sun shining can still turn my mood around. I almost turned in a leave slip to go home for the day, it’s that nice outside, until I remembered I don’t actually own a hammock, and so the hours would, in part, be wasted. Still, if no work shows up, I may go home this afternoon sometime.

Do yourself a favor and go experience the beauty that is today’s weather, if you’re at all in the Twin Cities area. I’d love to be responsible for everyone taking the afternoon off. 🙂