More reasons to vomit

(Note to Amanda: don’t say I didn’t warn you.)

As much as I’d like to keep this sweetness to myself, much stronger is the desire to share it. (For background on the following conversation, from yesterday.)

Part of today’s email from Prince Charming, in response to my invitation to answer the question noted in previous post:

Other than my usual paranoias, which happen during every relationship,there’s definitely nothing that I feel you’re not giving me. If anything, I’d tell you to stop being so sweet and endearing so that I won’t be so brutally attracted to you and can give you your requested space more easily… and I’m joking, since those are some of the many things that I like about you. I just need to remain patient while I gain your trust and you gain confidence and comfort with me. I just hope that I turn out to be worth the time and effort. I honestly feel like a kid at Christmas when I think about spending time with you…full of giddy anticipation 🙂

Seriously, now. How am I supposed to remain calm and get work done for the next hour and a half? My mind is completely elsewhere. I’m lucky I can type a whole blog entry.

As Amanda pointed out to me earlier via email, I have been very happy these last few weeks, according to her happier than she has seen me before for an extended period of time. I didn’t realize it until she said it (where was my self-awareness?). Co-workers have also noted this, and one in particular is fairly disgusted and/or doesn’t know what to do with my good mood. I should definitely keep people in my life who make me so happy. (Not that I have any plans to get rid of said people, just thought it needed re-iterating, or perhaps just iterating, if that’s a word. Checking…. yes, it is. Good.)

With all luck, I will have fabulous blog updates for Monday. I advise bringing your wastebasket (to vomit in).

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