Thinking Questions

asked me the following questions, which have made me think, and I thought I’d share (and figure out) my thoughts here first…

  • What real-life “anything” scares you the most?

I’m really not cool with natural disasters. I watched Dante’s Peak and was convinced that was the kind of situation I’d get stuck in somehow. When I was younger I watched some made-for-TV movie about the San Francisco earthquake where the Bay Bridge collapsed, and that was pretty scary too. I think mostly because you’ve got absolutely no control over what is happening. I also, honestly, am afraid of the dark (I’m talking pitch-black here, not a darkened room). I don’t mind it at my house, where I know everything that’s around me. I think it’s mostly the unseen unknown that could be lurking. Childish, perhaps, but true. It’s one of the reasons when there is a bad thunderstorm that I get out my emergency candles (complete with lighter in-box), the other being that every time I do that, the power doesn’t go out. (The one time it did go out, I found my candles right away but couldn’t find a lighter, which I rectified soon after.)

Oh, and apparently being vulnerable and letting people know the real me scares the crap outta me. Recent revelation about myself. I’ve built up some walls and it’s taking some work with a sledgehammer to knock them down (difficult, but definitely not impossible, kinda like the Berlin wall).

  • What fictional “anything” scares you the most?

Lots and lots of movies have the ability to scare me stupid, but I usually just choose to not interact with them. Jurassic Park gave me nightmares for days, and I couldn’t even be in the room with the music playing for years. Jesse Ventura scares me (I’m convinced he’s mostly a made-up character anyways). Ooh, on Stargate SG-1 for a few seasons they battled the Replicators, which was big Lego-like spider machines, and they really creeped me out.

  • Finish this sentence in ten different ways: Happiness is…
    • chocolate chip cookies and a glass of cold milk
    • friends (and sisters) who know you better than you know yourself, and tell you exactly what you need to hear (not what you want to hear)
    • finding something unexpected or something thought lost ($10 in a jeans’ pocket, making a new friend, etc)
    • swings on a sunny day
    • icicles melting in the sun
    • the laughter of children
    • re-connecting with an old friend
    • a rainy Saturday afternoon spent watching crappy TV and napping on the sofa
    • an empty pew in a quiet sanctuary
    • finding home

That was hard, but fun. Your turn! Leave your 10 “happiness is…” sentences in the comments.

One Reply to “Thinking Questions”

  1. Happiness is…
    a pot of good tea.
    laughter among friends.
    the first warm spring day with the windows down on a long car ride.
    nowhere to go and all day to get there.
    a book, a comfy chair, and a quiet room.
    a long talk with a close friend.
    the smell of the air after a good thunderstorm.
    celebrating happy traditions (i.e. apple picking, camping with family, candlelight Christmas Eve service).
    being able to give the help someone needs.
    a smile from a child.

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