I put on a new/different perfume yesterday, something I’d gotten as a sample somewhere. I apparently forgot what a stupid thing this is for me to do. In my defense, I’m running low on Beyond Paradise and am trying to save it for times when people might actually smell me, of which yesterday didn’t really offer any possibilities other than co-workers, and I don’t care about them.

My skin has this weird thing with perfume. It doesn’t like most of them. I usually apply perfume to my neck/behind the ears, and to the insides of my wrists. When I get an allergic reaction (which I do to 95% of all perfumes I’ve ever tried), it’s on either one of those places, but never both. Never. Isn’t that ODD? Often I get a nice rash, which is especially attractive when it’s all over your neck and collarbone. This time I’m only itchy, which means as long as I don’t scratch at my neck I look fine. But I itch. I must go home and throw out that sample.

Oh – my new title, when approved by HR, will be Office and Admin Specialist SENIOR (not Intermediate). Yay! I do promise to post when that’s actually official.