Of course, here’s my immediate problem. Possible-second-date emailed today (finally) asking to go out on Saturday. I know that last week I was so going to go, but now I just think that it would be… dishonest to do so. I mean, I know how it’s going to end, and it’s not really fair to him to just check things out for my own curiosity. (And I’m feeling much less… claustrophobic about than I was last week when possible-second-date asked me out.)

Last night, I think I was hit by some sort of electro-magnetic pulse, because at 5:05 my watch stopped and won’t restart, and my cell phone’s speaker no longer works. It doesn’t ring, either. I mean, I can make the vibrate function work in the menus, but when I call my phone it doesn’t respond. This is very troubling. Thankfully I remembered this morning that I have a call-forwarding function, and found on Cingular’s site (which is still crap) how to check my voicemail from another phone.

My PDA still works, though. Hopefully all my watch needs is a new battery (though I don’t really want to deal with them at Target again, but that’s a long and boring story that I won’t put you through).