Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Beautiful

I said to yesterday that I thought I’d lost some weight, just because my pants were fitting a bit looser. So when I got home I dug my scale out of the bottom of my closet and weighed myself. In the last… six weeks to two months… I’ve lost 15 pounds. Oops. I wasn’t trying to, honest. (Don’t hate me!) And today I’m wearing my dry-clean-only Limited navy pants that are a size six, and they look ridiculously huge. It is quite believable from the fit of these pants that all 15 pounds I lost were in my butt. was slightly worried, but my appetite has been all over the place lately, and my main rule has been to consume all the calories I can make myself (hence the eclaires for breakfast today). Yes, I know, you all hate me now. It’s not my fault. I have been doing a lot of walking lately. And most of last week I didn’t eat, and it made me sad, because I wanted to, and knew I should, but just couldn’t bring myself to. Now I want to go try on clothes at Fields just to see if I can wear a size 4. Would you still be my friend if I could? 🙂

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