Notable Mention

I forgot to mention yesterday, in all its craziness, I got an email from Possible-Second-Date. He’s returning from DC after the Labor Day weekend, and still wants to go out again, although now we’re having a second first-date, but that would make his nickname way too crazy. I’m going to go. I need to see if there is anything there, and I need to be able to take a step back and remember that casual dating is supposed to be fun, not serious, and it’s OK to date more than one person until things change. It’s so not a situation I’ve ever been in, so it takes a bit of talking-through in my head first.

And, unlike other times I’ve dated or had crushes on guys, I’m consciously holding back and taking things slowly (emotionally). Like I said earlier, I fall hard, and I fall fast, and it hasn’t always had the best results. As an INFP (btw, a great link to that personality type, and I’m guessing there’s more great descriptions of the others if you brows around the site, and I love the list at the end of famous INFPs, including ET and Julia Roberts), I usually make big decisions based on feeling, and the times that I’ve had to make decisions logically, it’s just felt weird and wrong, even though I knew that was how I had to attack the decision. But I need to be logical at the moment, and logical means taking a step back (or… staying a step back and not jumping in head first) and staying casual and having fun. I can be all about the serious, as evidenced by several deep-end crushes, but I’m just not gonna let myself go there right now. Self-preservation is an amazing thing, isn’t it.