Oh, no no no no no!

I called up my salon to schedule an appointment with and found out he no longer works there! Ack! One good haircut and that was it. Now what do I do? I didn’t just lose a crush, I lost a good hair stylist! Those are hard to come by! (And he was darn sexy, too!)

I don’t know what to do. She suggested another stylist in the same price range, and I said I’d have to think about it and call back. I mean, the original reason for going there was locale, and I was initially hesitant about a male stylist, so if I had never gone in the first place, I wouldn’t know what I was missing out on, right? So I should schedule an appointment. But my real motivation for getting one wasn’t the need for a cut (though it’s been four months), but the chance to see . (Of course, now I don’t have to be terribly embarrassed about my roots that only I and my would-be stylist can see.) Shoot. I even deep-conditioned this morning. (When you have the hots for your , you want to come in with really healthy hair. He’s got his hands in lots of people’s hair all day long, and really, it just must be as perfect as possible. It would be quite hard to flirt with a head full of split-ends, I think.)


Btw, there’s practically no one at work, so no one to share this with, hence the long, overly-dramatic rant. has been giving me emotional support over email.

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  1. My most sincere apologies to A, who valiently tried to hook me up with Hairguy. She so kindly accepted my faults and anxieties and called the salon for me and tried to find out where he is doing hair now. Sadly, he isn’t doing hair right now. She did a very good job of being an extrovert when I could not be.

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