Only slightly rewarding

I got to yell at a telemarketer twice yesterday – once before leaving for work and again last night. The chick in the morning was calling my cell for a Sarah with my same last name, and I had received two other calls from that same number over the weekend, one while checking out at Target (so I ignored / hung up), and one Saturday morning, which resulted in only a piercing beep in my ear and them hanging up. I clearly let her know she had the wrong number.

Then last night, the house phone rang, and since it’s usually for me and I was the only one home, I half-rushed to answer it. But see I was in the middle of a home improvement project and it was quite difficult and annoying to get up to answer the phone. I wouldn’t have minded so much if it had been a friend or family, but it was someone asking me to take a survey for something. What, I’m not sure, because I cut her off to say loudly that we are on the DO NOT CALL list and promptly hung up on her. I did not enjoy getting up from my sawdust-covered floor and setting my project aside (which I didn’t end up finishing anyways) for something that… inconsequential.

So, while enjoying four episodes of Stargate SG-1 (I love Sci-Fi Mondays!) that I barely remembered (and I think at least one or two I hadn’t seen at all), I finally went to work on changing the top drawer of one of my dressers into a flip-down (instead of being just attached to the drawer). I got out my little hobby saw that was bought specifically for this purpose, and worked hard at removing the front of the drawer. Seeing as how it was a bazillion degrees outside, I was doing this in my bedroom (I know, odd place for carpentry), and I hadn’t yet turned on the air conditioning, I had to stop several times to wipe the sweat dripping down my forehead, a fairly rewarding, if not gross, side-effect. Front removed, I went to work installing the magnets that will keep it shut, and then attempted to re-attach the front via hinges. That last part is where things went… wrong. I think all I need is a smallish piece of wood I can inlay inside the drawer, so I can attach the hinge to it instead of the bottom part of the drawer. Does that make sense? At any rate, the drawer is back in the dresser, sans front, and the cable box and VCR/DVD player are resting inside (though not terribly friendly, since the drawer really needs to be about 2 inches wider for them to both actually fit, so the DVD player is just out of commission at the moment). I might be able to get rid of the cable box, if I could figure out how to use the menu feature through my TV or VCR/DVD player. Something perhaps to look into, but the whole cable aspect confuses my electronics know-how.

Tonight will be spent doing laundry. Maybe doing a little spray-painting in the backyard, but that remains to be seen. I’d really like to buy the drawer pulls I picked out at Menards, but I don’ts gots da cash, yo. (Yeah, I don’t really do a good ghetto-speak. Laugh all you want. I’m here to amuse.)