Sanity (or lack thereof)

If you’re ever reading a book explaining a software program (like Microsoft Access), and you find yourself laughing out loud (at something that really, honestly, isn’t funny), it’s time to put the book down. Never mind that the last paragraph I read through about a dozen times before understanding it.

Try imagining the following paragraph being spoken by Gandalf:
“Crosstab queries could be considered the orphan of Access queries because most people tend to ignore them. Crosstab queries are powerful, but they can seem mysterious. This section won’t unravel all the mysteris of crosstab queries…”

If you don’t find that funny, well, get back to work. Clearly you haven’t worked as hard as I have today.

The good news is that it may have taken the edge off enough for me to send a halfway nice email to possible-second-date guy.