After reading this article [link removed] (which I got to through a series of random clicks while surfing one day), I surfed on over to Geek-to-Geek and looked around. I was pleasantly amused by the whole thing, especially having recently professed my attraction to IT guys. So I created a profile and got my matches – a whole 4. Apparently the site hasn’t gotten popular here yet. That’s OK- I was really just interested. I was amused enough to send the link to , who got her whole office searching for their very own geek.

The setup of the site has got me thinking, though. pointed out that there are no pictures anywhere, not even physical descriptions, which is really unusual for a dating website. Is this because geeks are notoriously unattractive, or because geeks don’t care about looks (especially in a partner)? When I met up with someone last week, I had some moments of doubt beforehand, not knowing what he would look like at all, and kinda expecting the worst. Was he doing the same for me? Did he really not care? I know that I do. I mean, looks aren’t everything, obviously, but the do have some bearing on things. OK, so maybe its not exactly looks, but attraction and chemistry, which are less finite and more… nebulous. And based more on personality than just physical beauty is. I’ve known quite a few “beautiful people” (especially in high school) who were horrible people and therefore completely unattractive.

Well, just said I could leave early, so I’m outta here. Have a great weekend! (And , have a great family vacation!)