Book Review

The Whitney Chronicles, by Judy Baer (frightenly enough published by a Christian subdivision of Harlequin)

I LOVED this book! I stumbled onto it quite accidentally in Borders one day, and took the time to read it last week. Fantastically funny! I laughed out loud several times while on the bus and train, and had to bite my lip more than that to keep from disturbing the other passengers. At several points, I wondered how the author was writing about me specifically. Many parts could have been taken directly from my journals. Better yet was that it wasn’t predictable, like most Christian “romance” fiction is (though this claims to be Christian “chic lit,” but I didn’t know that existed until now).

Who should read this book: women who are in their 20’s and 30’s (or who have been 20 or 30, or who plan on being 20 or 30), who are single (or who have been single, either recently or a long time ago), who have mothers, friends, church communities, jobs, etc that are part of their daily lives, and who have ever had to deal with any of those listed trying to “fix” their singleness “problem.” Probably is funnier for those readers who are Christian, but I don’t think it’s necessary to enjoy the book.

I have one copy I’m willing to lend out, first come first serve, assuming you’re a real live friend and not a cyber-stalker (or someone who will borrow it and never return it, like my two copies of the Chronicles of Narnia Book One).