My Weekend Went

There it went, so quickly.

And it ended so poorly, if this morning before work is considered weekend. But that’s later.

Had my last Sunday at Church yesterday, complete with cake and presents. More gifts to follow on Wednesday at the picnic, most likely. I turned in my keys and my credit card. The office has been empty. It’s… really freeing.

FYI: Kool-Aid does not have a shelf-life of 5 years. I’m not sure how much less it’s shelf-life is, but at five years, it took double the packets and it was still lacking in flavor. No worries, I have thrown out the rest of my five-year-old Kool-Aid (and FlavorAid!).

This morning could have been a case study in making me lose my cool. I nearly threw a fit (complete with yelling, throwing things, and tears). It started with multiple garbage trucks in my neighborhood (it’s been nice enough to keep the windows open overnight). Then both of the cats decided it was time to wrestle, WWF style. The took short breaks from that to use the litter box, which is incredibly noisy since I use the crystals stuff, which they still haven’t really adjusted to after six months. Matea actually went in three times, including one trip just to scratch around and leave again. She’s got an unnatural attachment to her litter box. Then, when I was standing on the brink of sanity and insanity, the dog upstairs started in. He’s not fixed yet, if that gives you a ballpark of his age, and though he’s a little dog, he can sure make a whole lot of noise. I’m not exactly sure what he was doing, but the constant thumping on my ceiling for fifteen minutes was enough to push me over the edge. I finally got out of bed just to leave the bedroom – surprise, it couldn’t be heard anywhere else in the house. I nearly got to work half an hour early just so I didn’t have to put up with it (but eventually he stopped, and then I attempted to relax, so I got to work at the same time I usually do).

I really don’t like sounds like that – ones I have no control over. I could have taken the day off and called it a mental health day, that’s how unnerved I was at the whole thing. And people here today have repeatedly done stupid things and asked me to help them, which is not the way to my heart (chocolate, walks in the rain, playgrounds with swings, flattery, these will work, but stupidity will not, regardless of how charming you are, or think you are).

I just saved all of my Church files to CD and deleted them from my work computer. I’ve got the binder that I’ve kept here in my cube to take home and file away. I started shelving books from my office into my bedroom shelves, after cleaning off both chairs and the desk. Amazingly enough, though everything was piled high, I only came up with one grocery-bag of garbage and one paper-bag of shredded paper. Where did it all go? Not under the bed, or in the closet. Strange.

If you can tell, I’m still clinging to my sanity, but at times today its hanging by a thread. Conveniently, I got cash yesterday at Church, so I have money for coffee, and I got pizza last night, which made me very happy. I’d been craving thin-crust for quite some time now.